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Every pack is a surprise! Enjoy for as long as long as you like. Mix and match with your own wardrobe, to create and recreate.


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Keep what you love and return the rest. A new pack will be styled and sent based on your shipping cycle.

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We believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look and feel good.

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Women’s Clothing Subscription Box

We believe in loving your closet, but that can be hard to do when clothing fatigue sets in. That’s where a clothing subscription box like ours comes in! We’re here to help keep your clothing inspired and your closet refreshed. Plus, who has the time to hunt for bargains and stylish clothing? Let us do it for you! Have a special man in your life who would benefit from our service?

Visit The Mr. Collection!

Starting at $59/month

Discover New Brands & Amazing Styles

Benefits of The Ms. Collection

  • 100’s of brands to try
  • Style tips + personalized packs
  • Dry cleaning included
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Access your ultimate closet
    without the commitment
  • 1000’s of styles available
  • Reduce your fashion footprint
  • Expert stylists who care about you
  • Member discounts up to 50% off
  • New styles added daily


Rent clothing and accessories through The Mr. & Ms. Collection, a personal styling service for both men and women. You know that dress you bought and only wore once? You can now do that without the guilt.

With our clothing rental service, you can try a rotating closet and never grow bored of your clothing again. Packs feature a mix of designer labels, everyday brands and key essentials you will love, at a low monthly cost you can love even more. Plus, you have the option to buy anything you can’t bear to send back with your exclusive member price! To learn more about our service, please visit our FAQs.

Women styled in gray sweater and jeans by The Ms. Collection


It’s Empowering

Every time I get a box to my door, I am excited with what to try out next! In some ways, it’s empowering. It helps me explore the pleasure of being a woman. It’s okay to stand tall and be seen. It’s okay to dress beautifully elegant or fashionably chic. It’s okay to explore the different layers of who I am. It helps me be confident in my own being. For this reason, I am thankful and happy to rent clothes from The Ms. Collection!

Vina H.

Best Customer Service

I am a television news anchor who is on camera five days a week. I’ve used several other “clothing rental services” in the past but The Ms. Collection is my favorite for three reasons: it’s affordable, the style team is incredible, customer service at The Ms. Collection is the best I’ve ever experienced. The perfect example of this is when I was bitten by a dog in March and couldn’t work for a few days. I received a “Get Well” message from my stylist who also asked if I would like some comfy clothes to relax in while I healed. Seriously! No other rental service cares about their customers like The Ms. Collection!

Leslie D.

Ease & Convenience

I absolutely adore The Ms. Collection! I am the kind of person who always buys things I think I like, wears them once, and then feels like everyone has seen it and it sits in my closet just taking up space for years on end. This clothing subscription box has not only helped me from being constantly bored of my closet, taking hours to pick something out, but has also helped me to try out styles I wouldn’t always pick out for myself.

Kassie T.

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