Have you heard about the new renting phenom, but just don’t know how it works or where to start? Sign up for a subscription and take the first step now to rent clothes! The Ms. Collection is your answer to great style. Do you have a special man in your life who would love this type of service? The Mr. Collection is here to help.

Rent clothes that suit you — for the business clothing or for everyday wear. Pay one monthly fee for the number of items you would like per pack and the delivery schedule that suits your needs. Convenience, fresh styles and stylists who care is what you can expect. Rent clothes from our service and take back your time. Let’s get you started!

What is The Ms. Collection?

  • We are a personal styling subscription service that will connect you with brands so you too can rent clothes
  • Rent high-end brands without the fear of commitment
  • Keep a rotating closet of on-trend pieces
  • Fallen in love with an item? Buy it with your exclusive member price!

How Do We Work?

  • Submit a Style Profile: your stylist will pair you with the best clothing for your style, sizing and preferences
  • Our stylists will create packs unique to you with pieces that can be incorporated into your own wardrobe or worn as a whole outfit
  • We’ll start preparing your next pack once we receive your previous one. Receive unlimited packs per month or once a month packs!

Why Rent

  • The permanent solution to the: “I have nothing to wear!” problem
  • Refresh your wardrobe to include trendy pieces without the commitment
  • Wear a variety of high-end brands for a fraction of the price
  • Forego the hassle of hunting for the right clothes and have your stylists do it for you
  • No more closet clutter – rent clothes instead!