An unlimited women’s clothing subscription


Upgrade Your Wardrobe by Trying The Ms. Collection, a Women’s Clothing Subscription

Our women’s clothing subscription service has made shopping malls a thing of the past. We have entered a new digital age of service where personally selected and on-trend clothing is delivered straight to your door, offering you a convenient solution to hours spent hunting for good deals. All this extra time will mean more fun with loved ones, taking up that new hobby you always wanted to try, or freedom to catch up on your Netflix queue.

We will study your style profile and put together packs based on your preferences and any style information you share with us. With the option to send in feedback, our stylists can begin to build a better understanding of your personal style with each pack we send.

Something for Everyone

The Ms. Collection is a clothing subscription service that not only provides customized styled packs, but is a surprise in each pack! What are you waiting for? Sign up here

Discover amazing new brands and experience brands you already love.

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Ms. Business

A classy dress paired with a blazer and a stylish necklace is always a practical outfit to have on hand. We provide a clothing subscription that caters specifically to the business world — ranging from easy going, business casual and business professional work atmospheres means that we have something for everyone! With a simple transition, many of these business looks can be transformed into trendy outfits to take you from your desk to dinner in a flash!

Ms. Play

We also have a clothing subscription, that focuses on casual looks you can wear to play with your kids, for fun weekends away and for everything in-between! With the help of your personal style descriptions and selections, our style team is ready to select a variety of stylish items such as shorts, tops, and dresses. From boho to girl next door, we can provide you with the look you want to achieve or help you discover a new one!


Our unique women’s clothing subscription service allows members to rent their pack for as long as they like. When ready for a new pack to be styled, simply return it and once received, our style team will begin preparing the next one.

To fill out your own style profile and upgrade your wardrobe with The Ms. Collection, visit our sign up page.

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