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We’ve made clothing rental easy! Select your membership plan, and we’ll send you clothing and accessories tailored to you and your needs!

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Every pack is a surprise! Enjoy for as long as you like. Mix and match with your own wardrobe, to create and recreate.

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Buy what you love and return the rest. A new pack will be styled and shipped based on your
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 We believe that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look and feel good.

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Renting Clothing - The New Fashion Experience

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Rent clothing and accessories through The Mr. & Ms. Collection, a personal styling service for both men and women. You know that dress you bought and only wore once? You can now do that without the guilt.

With our clothing rental service you can try a rotating closet and never grow bored of your clothing again. Packs feature a mix of designer labels, everyday brands and key essentials you will love, at a low monthly cost you can love even more. Plus, you have the option to buy anything you can’t bear to send back with your exclusive member price! To learn more about our service, please visit our FAQs.

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100's of brands to try
Style tips + personalized packs
Dry cleaning included
Free shipping and returns
Access your ultimate closet without the commitment
Member discounts up to 50% off
New styles added daily
1000’s of styles available

We’re experiencing a major shift toward less ownership, prioritizing rewarding life experiences over acquiring more stuff. Have you heard that the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles each year? And that 70% of the average woman’s closet goes unworn? Those figures are staggering, and it’s exactly why we do what we do.

Millions of American women are treating their overcrowded closets like storage, with garments remaining unworn and with tags on. We need to stop the cycle of over-consumption, switching away from retail to rental. That’s where a clothing subscription like ours comes in. Clothing rental and shopping secondhand has grown in popularity over the last few years. Will you be joining the movement?

At The Ms. Collection, we understand that style is not cookie cutter or one style fits all. An item that one woman may like, maybe one that another dislikes. There is no clear cut answer for style, as it isn’t predictable. Personal style is about developing a look you are comfortable with and that you can identify with for yourself. But once in a while, isn’t it nice to have your style boundaries pushed?

With outfit suggestions and thoughtful pairings by our team of stylists, you can now rent clothes personally styled with you in mind. Our stylists will pay close attention to your Style Profile, to study your sizing and preferences. Then, any feedback submitted will be reviewed to learn more about what worked and what may have been a miss. Each clothing box, or pack, as we lovingly call it, is custom-styled and handpicked to check for quality. Have a special request? Visit your member account to let us know of any upcoming trips or events! Our number one goal is to help you look and feel your best!

The days move quickly and we are all busier than ever tending to family and work obligations. Finding time to shop, whether it be online or at your local mall, can be challenging. Wouldn’t you much rather have access to a team of professional personal stylists who can offer you a wardrobe upgrade for one monthly fee?

Our women’s clothing subscription box does just that. Clothes rental has become widely accepted and our service is one of the pioneers of this industry. Through our service, you will have access to hundreds of brands and thousands of styles. We will help you keep an inspired wardrobe with items you may have otherwise not shopped for yourself. Dry cleaning, shipping, and returns are all complimentary to you. So go kick around that ball with your child, or spend some time catching up with your Netflix queue. We’ll handle the rest!

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Women’s Clothing Subscription Box

We believe in loving your closet, but that can be hard to do when clothing fatigue sets in...again. That’s where a clothing subscription box like ours comes in! We’re here to help keep your clothing inspired and your closet refreshed. Plus, who has the time to hunt for bargains and stylish clothing? Let us do it for you! Have a special man in your life who would benefit from our service?

Starting at $59/month

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We make it easy to get your time back since everything comes straight to your door.

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Your style team pays attention to every detail and item that goes into your pack.

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Your selfie game is going to reach the next level when you’re always in something stylish.

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